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Basco Windows and Doors FAQ




Why opt for thermo panes replacement ?
  • AN ECONOMIC AND QUICK PROCEDURE Thermo panes can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing windows. In fact, the price of this procedure is a fraction of that of replacing the windows. In some cases, the cost can even be reduced by half or even three quarters.
  • AN ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION: The replacement of thermal pane improves energy efficiency. But it also has less impact on the environment than replacing your windows. This method reduces the amount of glass and debris that will have to be sent to a landfill. In addition, our team's work is guaranteed for 15 years.


What is a Thermos panes?
Thermo pane, by definition, is a hermetically sealed pane containing a space between the panes that is usually filled with argon gas or air in order to have an efficient and optimal insulation for the window. This is the most common type of glass for residential and commercial windows. They are known for their efficiency and energy performance.


Why is there condensation on my windows on the outside since I had my thermos panes replaced?
This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. In fact, if your window replacement is recent and you see condensation on the outside of your windows, this is a good sign. It is explained, the thermos windows, called energy, to keep the heat inside your home. When it is cold, the temperature on the outside of the glass is much colder than on the inside, which causes condensation. A bit like the dew on our cars on cold mornings. When the temperature is the same on the outside as it is on the inside, there should be no condensation. In other words, this means that your windows are insulating well and that the heat stays inside your home.


Would I be better off replacing the entire window or just the thermos panes?
Every situation is different. Many factors can influence your decision. The condition of your windows, your expectations, your budget and your goals. If your current windows have minor problems, window replacement is certainly the most economical solution. When you make an appointment with one of our teams, they will come and evaluate the situation of your windows, to offer you the best advice and the solution adapted to your needs. Make an appointment now with one of our consultants.


How much does a thermos replacement cost?
Thermos replacement is a procedure that costs a fraction of window replacement. In some cases, the cost can be cut in half or even three quarters. The final cost will depend on the number of thermos windows to be replaced, the model chosen and the level of difficulty of the installation. For more information, contact one of our teams for a more precise quote.


What are your guarantees for thermos panes replacement?
Our expertise and experience allow us to guarantee the replacement of thermos windows. Our guarantee covers the 15 years following the end of the process. We guarantee our work longer than most of our competitors.


Why choose Basco for the replacement of your thermos panes?
  • Work done with a master's touch: In addition to our expertise and experience, our technicians undergo rigorous training to work to the highest industry standards in thermal glass replacement
  • Fast and efficient service: Our team always tries to make visits as short and efficient as possible. We want to minimize the disruption of the work without minimizing the quality of the work.
  • An expert always at your service: Our experts will always guide you towards the best solution for your thermos windows replacement. This way, you are always assured of receiving the best possible service.
  • The part you need is in our inventory: We keep a complete inventory of specialized parts and tools for your thermo glass replacement. In the rare case that we don't have the exact part in stock, our experts will recommend a better one.



What is caulking?
Caulking is the act of sealing and caulking your doors, windows, skylights and curtain walls in your home or commercial building. This ensures better thermal insulation and protects you from drafts and humidity. Click here for more information


What are the signs of poor caulking?
The most common signs of poor or end-of-life caulking are
  • Disbonding and tearing
  • Cracks
  • Shrinkage
  • Color change
  • Lifting and drying
  • Caulking generally has a good life span. However, poor application or quality of caulking can lead to faster deterioration. That being said, it is important to notice the deterioration of caulking because it plays an important role in the preservation of your windows. It serves as an insulator to prevent air and water from penetrating your window frame. This prevents mold and mildew, one of the main reasons for the deterioration of your windows.


What is your warranty on your caulking work?
Our expertise and experience allow us to guarantee the caulking work. Our guarantee covers the 10 years following the completion of the work. We guarantee our work longer than most of our competitors.


Why is it so important to properly seal doors and windows?
Seals are what keep your windows and doors well insulated. That said, they are constantly exposed to the elements, to the vagaries of the weather and to temperature variations. As a result, your seals can quickly dry out. A dry, cracked or loose sealant is a wide open door for water and air infiltration. Caulking can help you remedy this situation. They allow you to maximize the performance and energy efficiency of your doors and windows and avoid unpleasant surprises. Therefore, remember to have your seals checked regularly by a Basco Doors and Windows expert. Click here for more information.


How often should we re-caulk?
Caulking has an average life span of 10 to 15 years. Our climate and the climatic conditions we face in Quebec degrade the quality of caulking. The same reasons put the integrity of the building structures to the test. For these reasons, we recommend having our experts evaluate your caulking every 10 years and redo it if necessary.


What are the areas of caulking work done by Basco?
Our specialty at Basco is doors and windows. Our caulking services are limited to the following items:
  • Fenêtres
  • Masonry joints
  • Curtain Walls
  • Doors and windows
  • Garage doors
  • Roof windows
  • Sunrooms
  • Verandas
  • Work at heights


Why choose Basco for the caulking of your doors and windows?
At Basco, we train our technicians to meet the highest industry standards. This is how we can guarantee that our caulking is done right. Here's what you can expect when you visit us:
  • Our technicians remove the old seals from your doors and windows
  • They carefully install your new sealants
  • They clean their space, leaving no trace of their passage, except for your brand new seals
  • The sealants used by Basco's experts during our work are of high quality. Made of silicone, they are designed to resist mildew and humidity. Because they are waterproof and odorless, our sealants are not affected by weather or temperature variations. They are unique on the market.


Window defogging


Do you guarantee the result of the defogging?
Basco guarantees its window defogging process for up to 10 years after the fogging restoration work. If the process did not work and the fogging appears within 2 to 3 months after the operation, there is probably a malfunction in your thermos window. If this is the case, we will give you a credit on the replacement of the thermos windows. Normally, our experts check the condition of the thermos before proceeding with the defogging. If it is defective, our technicians recommend that you simply replace the thermos.


Will my windows look like new again after a defogging?
This depends, among other things, on the intensity of the problem and the time between the appearance of the fog and the treatment. If they are restored in time, the visual aspect will be greatly improved. After 15 years, we are surprised ourselves! On the other hand, if the wait between the appearance of the fog and the treatment is too long, it is possible that there will be stains which are unfortunately permanent. Our expertise and experience allow us to have a good idea of the result and to manage expectations. If we believe that this is not the right solution for you, we will recommend other things. Call on our experts to get the right idea.


Why do my windows fog up?
First, you need to know the anatomy of modern windows. Generally, they consist of two panes of glass mounted on a frame. Between these two panes of glass, manufacturers add silica beads. You have probably already come across this additive: it is generally found in the form of a bag to absorb humidity. Over time, this absorbent material, subjected to the elements, becomes saturated with moisture. This is part of the aging process of your windows. However, this saturation can lead to a loss of efficiency of your thermos windows, especially in terms of thermal insulation. Over time, the sun's rays heat the moisture-saturated air between the two panes of your window. As the air is warmer, it expands, increasing the pressure inside the window. This is when the annoying fogging starts. Before you think about replacing your affected windows, consult the demisting experts at Basco Windows and Doors.
What are the possible solutions to remedy fogging problems?
There are only so many solutions when our windows are fogged up. We have three solutions that our experts will recommend depending on the severity of the problem:


What is defogging and how does it work?
Defogging is a process that removes the fog from your window. When our team of experts arrives at your home to defog your windows, you can expect a procedure that goes like this:
  • Following this simple procedure, you can more easily enjoy clear and transparent windows. The healing time of the treated unit can extend over a period of 5 to 8 weeks following the procedure.


Why choose Basco to defog your windows?
When you call on the Basco Windows and Doors team, you choose peace of mind and a job well done. But the advantages of this procedure don't stop there! Here are a few of them:
  • Substantial savings: Defogging, while just as effective as replacement, can save you a lot of money. It is a much less expensive procedure.
  • Better energy efficiency: Because its insulating material is moisture, your fogged windows lose some of their insulating power. Defogging can remedy this situation.
  • Work done with a master's touch: All our technicians are trained according to the highest industry standards.


Stained glass and Door Inserts


After how many years should I change my windows?
Doors and windows have an average life span of 20 to 30 years. That being said, with good, preventive and reactive maintenance, it can easily last up to 50 years. If you have elements that are broken or have lost their effectiveness, we can in most cases repair or replace them to extend the life of your windows. If they are truly at the end of their life, our experts will suggest that you replace them. If this is the case, you can count on our experts to insert your doors and stained glass.


Why choose Basco to insert my doors and stained glass?
As part of the large Basco network, our Basco team benefits from the technological advances of a dedicated R&D group. In addition, thanks to our network of experts and franchisees with great buying power, our prices are very competitive. You can be sure to have access to an exceptional quality-price ratio. Finally, all our technicians are trained according to the highest quality standards. In addition to being efficient and leaving the premises clean, they can intervene on many types of windows.


RENEW rogram


What is the RENEWrogram?
This unique service brings your existing windows back to life by restoring their functioning and performance. Your home, residential and commercial buildings benefit from a better environment and avoid many of the problems caused by windows in poor condition. RENEW is a smart economic investment, while enjoying the benefits of a new window.


How much does your restoration process cost?
It is difficult to give an exact price here, as all situations are different. The goal of this program is to offer an alternative to the complete replacement of your doors and windows. As an indication, here is an example of the costs associated with the replacement of windows in a residence and those of RENEW program. As the saying goes, sometimes the numbers speak for themselves.
  • Example (as a guide): Bungalow with 17 windows and 3 doors. Complete replacement: $34,000 and more RENEW program: $8500


What are the benefits of the RENEW program?
  • An eco-friendly solution: In addition to being economical, the RENEW program is also one of the most ecological options available to you. First of all, by refurbishing your windows rather than replacing them, you reduce the amount of debris produced that will have to be thrown away. Also, windows in good condition can reduce your energy consumption. You save on your energy bill, while reducing your environmental impact.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: When you do business with a member of the Basco Doors and Windows network, you benefit from our incomparable expertise. You are assured that the work performed meets the highest quality standards. Our network also allows us to offer you the best parts at competitive prices. In addition, our team's work is backed by a 10-year warranty, which can even extend to 15 years in some cases.
  • A quick and efficient solution: Because RENEW program restores the efficiency and function of your windows without replacing them, it saves you many of the related tasks. With this rejuvenation program, you don't have to paint your window moldings or replace their casings. You will enjoy windows in good condition, and more quickly.


What are the steps of your program?
Here is what you can expect when you decide to start the RENEW program:
  • Évaluation professionnelle gratuite
  • Customized optimization plan
  • Inventory and sampling
  • Reconditioning of sealed units
  • Refurbishment of mechanisms and weatherstripping
  • Refurbishment of screens
  • Renewal of caulking
  • Inspection and confirmation of customer satisfaction
  • Annual Maintenance Program
  • This program allows you to receive an annual visit from one of our experts to inspect the condition of your doors and windows. This way, we can detect any potential problem or breakage and prevent it, whenever possible.


What are your guarantees for the RENEW program?
The guarantees are the same as for each individual service. The advantage of the RENEW program is the annual visit by our team to prevent future breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance.


Why choose Basco for the repair and restoration of our doors and windows?
At Basco Windows and Doors, our customers are at the center of our window reconditioning process. Always listening to you, our network's repair experts are able to offer you modern solutions customized to your needs. With RENEW program, we can give your windows all the qualities and benefits of a new window. They are restored to their original function, clarity and performance at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.


Parts, mechanisms and weatherstripping

Why maintain the parts and mechanisms of your doors and windows?
For a company, the maintenance of the parts and mechanisms of the doors and windows is just as important. First of all, it is a way to minimize the costs related to the windows and doors of the building you occupy. Indeed, repairs, whether it is the replacement of windows or glass, can be expensive. Regular maintenance minimizes the risk of breakage and the need for repairs. In addition, a window or door with parts in poor condition, such as weatherstripping, is much less efficient than its equivalent in perfect condition. Replacing defective parts, weatherstripping and mechanisms maintains and improves the energy efficiency of your building's windows and doors. And this can have a big impact on your energy bill.


Why deal with Basco for the maintenance of parts and mechanisms?
As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure. And in the case of your doors and windows, it makes perfect sense. Thanks to the Basco network team, it's easier than ever for you to do so. Our experts make sure you always have the original replacement parts. If that's not possible, you can count on them to find parts that are superior to the originals. Here are some of the advantages of Basco Windows and Doors:
  • The size of our inventory
  • Our competitive prices
  • The quality of our services


What are the benefits of maintaining your doors and windows?
Home windows and doors are among the largest investments homeowners make. Installing a new window can cost upwards of $1,000. Here, maintenance maximizes the useful life of this investment. It also maintains the value of your property, which is partly influenced by the condition of its doors and windows. Also, the maintenance of the parts and mechanisms of your doors and windows allows you to ensure their proper functioning. For a residential owner, it is indeed preferable to discover in summer that one of his windows does not close properly than in winter. Regular maintenance of your doors and windows gives you this peace of mind.


Basco Windows and Doors


What areas do you serve?
Basco is a large network of 22 franchisees spread throughout our territory. You can contact each of them directly or simply contact Basco Doors and Windows and we will send you the team closest to you for optimal service. Here are the branches under the Basco Doors and Windows banner:
  • Basco Québec-Lévis
  • Basco Mauricie
  • Basco Drummondville
  • Basco Montérégie
  • Basco Outaouais
  • Basco Laval
  • Basco Granby et Cowansville
  • Basco Les Moulins
  • Basco West Island
  • Basco Calgary
  • Basco Ottawa
  • Basco Headquarters
  • In fact, we are always looking for new partners to expand our territory. If this is something that interests you. Go to the page: Become a partner-franchisee.


Do you only offer your services to the particular or do you also do commercial?
We work with all types of clients, as long as they have windows and doors. Our residential division is a little better known, but a lot of our work is in multi-unit buildings, commercial buildings and for businesses. We have all the necessary equipment for all types of work even if it requires scaffolding or other specialized equipment. If you want to know how we can help you with your commercial building, contact one of our teams today.


How long have you been in business?
For more than 15 years, Basco has been putting all of its know-how and expertise at the service of its customers. Our motto: to guarantee you exceptional service, at all times.


Why should I do business with Basco?
Doing business with Basco is also doing business with the largest network of its kind. And it comes with a major advantage. The size of our network gives us greater buying power. For customers like you, that means having access to the highest quality parts at a competitive price. So when you work with us, you can be sure you'll always pay the right price for your parts and our services. Here's what you can expect when you do business with one of our network members:
  • WORK DONE WITH A MASTER'S TOUCH: All Basco Doors and Windows technicians follow a rigorous training program, which allows them to work according to the highest industry standards. For you, this means a job well done at all times, whether it's replacing a part or the entire window.
  • A FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICE: Our team always tries to make its visits as short as possible. Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience caused by our work and to allow you to enjoy your new doors and windows more quickly.
  • AN ADVISOR ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE: At Basco Windows and Doors, you will always find an attentive ear. Our experts will always guide you towards the best type of maintenance according to your problem or your needs. This way, you are always assured of receiving the best possible service.
  • THE PART YOU NEED IS IN OUR INVENTORY: Our inventory includes over 5,000 specialized parts for your doors and windows. This allows us to offer you, most of the time, a replacement part identical to the one that is missing. In the rare cases where we do not have the exact part in stock, our experts will recommend a better one.