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Caulking is a major component of maintenance. Besides ensuring airtight seals, it also provides your windows and doors with maximum waterproofing. Moreover, it improves energy efficiency during the summer as well as mid-winter. Learn more about the caulking benefits for residential or commercial buildings below.

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Windows and Doors are well insulated when sealed properly. However, they are constantly exposed to bad weather, shifts in weather forecasts and temperatures variations. Consequence: dried up seal. When the seal is dry, cracked or peeling off, it becomes an open door to air and water infiltrations.

Caulking can rectify the issue. Allowing for the optimal performance and energy efficiency of your windows and doors while avoiding unpleasant surprises. Therefore, think of calling for Basco Windows and Doors professionals to regularly inspect your seals.


Your home is a lifetime investment.

Therefore, wanting to care for it is understandable. Caulking is a good place to start. When your windows and doors are sealed properly, it prevents damp and cold air from entering your home. It ensures your comfort and that’s not all.

In fact, humid air may gradually cause invisible damage to your home. Water infiltration may show 3 different destructive signs:

  • Mushrooms

  • Mildew

  • Extensive structural damage



Either for a business or co-ownership, caulking may prove to be a wise investment. Just as for a residence, proper caulking protects your investment. However, there are far more benefits:

Because of the large number of windows in buildings, air infiltration and bad insulation may be costly. Therefore, as caulking improves the thermal insulation of your building, it allows you to significantly reduce your energy consumption providing energy cost savings. Proper caulking will allow you to save in medium/long term.

Providing a proper thermal insulation of your commercial space or building also creates a more comfortable environment for your visitors and/or clients. So everyone benefits from the benefits of good insulation.


At Basco, we train our technicians according to the highest standards in our industry. This is why we can guarantee that we master the art of caulking. This is what a visit should look like:

  • Technicians remove old seals from your windows and doors

  • They install new seals diligently

  • They work neatly, only leaving behind them, your brand new seals

Our Basco professionals work with top-of-the-line sealers. Silicone based, they are made to withstand mildew and humidity. Odorless and leak-proof, our seals are resistant to bad weather and temperature variations.

Our Basco professionals in windows and doors, repairs and restoration, offer a plethora of caulking services. From insulating a solarium to restoring a commercial entry door, you can count on us.

In fact, why not take the opportunity to ask for a weatherstripping estimate while our professionals visit you to perform new seals? According to their condition, we may recommend replacing them with new ones.

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Our teams dispose of the equipment and expertise required to perform caulking services in residential or commercial settings. Our professionals are also trained to perform works-at-height when necessary. Following are few areas of expertise.

  • Windows

  • Grout

  • Window wall

  • Window-door

  • Garage doors

  • Sky lights

  • Solariums

  • Canopy

  • Works-at-height

10 YEARS warranty* ON CAULKING

*Certain conditions apply

Thanks to Basco Windows and Doors network, we have access to the greater manufacturer across Canada.

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