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Basco Windows and Doors is the industry maintenance and repairs of windows and doors. It is an organization that profits from its notoriety, the experience and skill of all its team members. It is also a growing network in Canada.

Our core values at Basco revolve around trust, the environment and integrity through best practice. Our technicians are trained to perform according to the highest standards in the industry. Several thousand renovation projects have been expertly carried out by our experts, to the delight of an ever-growing clientele.


Basco Windows and Doors, is a close-knit team. Our organization has the welfare of its members at heart. As a unit, we come up with fresh ideas, we challenge ourselves to branch out of our comfort zone and constantly experiment.


  • Does this appeal to you?
  • Sounds like you would be a natural fit?
  • You are invested in your customers?
  • We would love to have you on our team.


Join us and start your career at Basco.

Whether you want to put your window and door expertise to work or take it to the next level, our team has a place for you. From warehouse to administration to window and door repair and maintenance, Basco is looking for the perfect person to join our team. Our team members enjoy a company culture that is people-oriented, collaborative and innovative.

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There are many reasons to work with us. Here are some of them:

  • We offer opportunities for professional growth and career development.
  • We work on exciting and challenging projects for high-profile clients.
  • We have a positive, collaborative and respectful corporate culture.
  • We offer competitive benefits and flexible work schedules.
  • We are a socially responsible company committed to minimizing our environmental impact and supporting our community.

In short, if you are looking for an established, respected and socially responsible company that offers professional development opportunities, benefits and rewards, and a positive corporate culture, Basco Windows and Doors could be the right company for you.

A career at Basco Windows and Doors

Basco is an established and respected company in the window and door restoration and glazing industry. We have a solid reputation for the quality of our products and our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

We pride ourselves on our positive corporate culture, which promotes teamwork, innovation and mutual respect. We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we strive to create a positive and enjoyable work environment.

We provide our employees with professional development opportunities to help them learn new skills and advance their careers. We believe that investing in the professional development of our employees is critical to our success as a company.

We offer our employees a range of benefits and rewards, such as flexible work schedules, fringe benefits, bonuses and incentives for outstanding performance. We believe that recognizing the achievements of our employees is essential to their motivation and job satisfaction.

We are a socially responsible company committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and supporting local communities. We believe that our responsibility to society is essential to ensure a sustainable future for our company and our planet.

Basco is a growing company that offers opportunities for new experiences and growth in your career. By joining our company, you can be assured of being part of a company that is constantly evolving, always looking to go further.

We pride ourselves on working on exciting and challenging projects for our clients, whether they are commercial or residential.



  • Driving a luxury sports car: Alain Paquette, Installer Technician

  • Trip to Hawaï: Minguy Labelle, Assistant Accountant at Basco.

  • Skydiving: Francis Côté, Installation Technician at Basco

  • Dominican Republic trip with her son: Mélanie Labelle, Order and Warehouse Manager

Basco Dream Program

We are especially proud of our Dream Program.

In my opinion, everything starts with a dream...  And as each of you contributes to the success of Basco on a daily basis, we also want to contribute to your personal development and therefore your dreams.



The Dream Program is a special program that rewards employees for their hard work, with a special focus on work attitude and achieving goals that are unique to each individual.

Dreams can be very different from each other. The idea is to choose dreams that are important to the individual and, of course, achievable for the company.

We've put together a list of criteria that must be met, but all in all, it can be pretty broad.

"I wish Basco would be the last place I would work! "



"There's a lot of mutual support between departments. "



"What I love about Basco is that there are always new challenges. "




Job openings

List of current job openings within our team. You are welcomed to send us your spontaneous application or connect with us to answer any of your comments or questions:

  • Installation Technician

  • "Monteur-mécanicien (vitrier)"

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Just as we do, your driven by your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the renovation industry? Making a difference in your customers lives and working with cutting edge technologies in the industry ? You are ready to take the leap ? Contact us today to discuss with our team or to join the Basco Windows and Doors family.

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