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Basco Windows and Doors is the industry maintenance and repairs of windows and doors. It is an organization that profits from its notoriety, the experience and know-how of all its team members. It is also a growing network in Canada.

Our core values at Basco Windows and Doors revolve around trust, the environment and integrity through best practice. Our technicians are trained to perform according to the highest standards in the industry. Several thousand renovation projects have been expertly carried out by our experts, to the delight of an ever-growing clientele.

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Basco Windows and Doors, is a close-knit team. Our organization has the welfare of its members at heart. As a unit, we come up with fresh ideas, we challenge ourselves to branch out of our comfort zone and constantly experiment.

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Whether you are looking to put your windows and doors know-how to good use or bring it to the next level, we have a place for you on our team. From our warehouse to our administration department, passing through windows and doors, maintenance and repairs, Basco is searching for that rare jem to join its ranks. Our team members enjoy a collaborative, human and innovative culture.

Job openings

List of current job openings within our team. You are welcomed to send us your spontaneous application or connect with us to answer any of your comments or questions:

  • Installation Technician

  • "Monteur-mécanicien (vitrier)"

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Just as we do, your driven by your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the renovation industry? Making a difference in your customers lives and working with cutting edge technologies in the industry ? You are ready to take the leap ? Contact us today to discuss with our team or to join the Basco Windows and Doors family.

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