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As an owner or a tenant, fogging windows can be inconvenient. After all, fogging panes prevent you from enjoying your external view. Moreover, dirt and residue build up between the panes make it impossible to clean. Oftentimes, our first reaction is to replace the fogging windows. However, wouldn’t there be another solution? It is precisely what Basco Windows and Doors defogging service provides.

Our defogging service offers a unique procedure which is an effective alternative to replacing your fogging windows. It is a convenient method that provides an easier solution to your pane replacement.

Due to its simplicity, it makes for a quick process. Therefore, you can enjoy clean and clear windows much faster. It is the most efficient solution for getting rid of the fog in your windows. Defogging is surely a win-win solution.

What causes the fogging of windows

In order to have better appreciation of our defogging service, you must first understand the causes of fogging windows. First, you need to be acquainted with the anatomy of modern windows. Generally, they consist of two panes mounted on a frame. Between these two glass walls, manufacturers add silica beads. You’ve probably crossed paths with this additive: it is usually found in sachet form to absorb moisture.

As time goes by, this absorbent material, subjected to the elements, becomes saturated with moisture. It is an integral part of the aging process of your windows. However, this saturation can lead to a loss of efficiency of your thermos windows, especially in terms of thermal insulation.

Over time, the sun’s rays warm the moisture-saturated air between the two panes of your window. As the air is warmer, it expands, which increases the pressure inside the window. It is at this precise moment that the unpleasant mist begins to appear. Before thinking about having your damaged windows replaced, consult the defogging experts at Basco Windows and Doors.

Our demisting procedure

When you receive a visit from a member of our team of experts for defogging your windows, you can expect a procedure that goes as follows:

  • 1. The technician pierces the defective sealed unit at both ends

  • 2. He then injects a cleaning solution that purifies the space between the two panes

  • 3. Our expert then performs a complete drainage of the area using a syringe and a catheter

  • 4. He installs resistant valves to plug the incisions made

Following this simple procedure, you can more easily enjoy clear and transparent windows. The healing time of the treated unit can extend over a period of 5 to 8 weeks following the procedure.

The benefits of the basco windows and doors defogging service

Calling on the Basco Windows and Doors team means choosing peace of mind and a job well done. But the benefits of this procedure don’t end there! Here are a few more:

Substantial savings

When your windows are fogged up, you have two options: replacing them or demisting them. However, did you know that demisting, while being just as effective, can save you big money? It is in fact a much cheaper procedure for replacing windows.

Better energy efficiency

Since its insulating material is saturated with moisture, your fogged window loses some of its insulating power. Demisting makes it possible to remedy this situation.

Expert hand work

All of our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards. In addition, the work of the Basco Windows and Doors team is guaranteed for 10 years.

An advice from our team

When you notice fog in your windows, don’t wait to act. If the residue deposit becomes too large, it may become impossible to proceed with demisting. If this is your case, our experts will be happy to provide you with an evaluation for the replacement of your sealed units. Also, demisting may not be suitable for all types of windows. Consult our experts to find out more.

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