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As a homeowner or a member of a co-ownership, the maintenance of the mechanisms on your windows and doors is a must. It is by its means that you can extend your windows performance and airtight properties. By doing so, you may avoid opening and closing issues, warping, heat loss and lack of soundproofing. Maintaining the mechanisms and parts of your windows and doors is an excellent way to optimize their efficiency and extend their lifespan.

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Foreseeably, windows and doors are granted one of the biggest investment made by homeowners. As a matter of fact, installing a new window may cost up to $1,000. In view of this, the maintenance will extend the lifespan of this investment. Because the value of your home is greatly affected by the condition of your windows and doors, by maintaining them, you also maintain your property value.

Maintaining the parts and mechanisms of your windows and doors will equally ensure their proper functioning. For a homeowner, it is preferable to assess that one of its windows is not closing properly during the summer instead of in the heart of a cold winter. Periodic maintenance on your windows and doors assure you peace of mind.


The maintenance of windows and doors, parts and mechanisms, is as important for a business. Primarily, it is a sound way to reduce costs associated with the windows and doors in your building. Regular maintenance minimizes the risk of breakage, and therefore the need for repairs. Indeed, replacing windows can be very expensive if no maintenance is performed.

What’s more, if a window shows signs of wear on its weatherstripping, it is bound to be less effective than one in mint condition. Thus, by replacing damaged parts, mechanisms and weatherstripping, you are increasing as well as preserving the energy efficiency of your windows and doors in your building. And that may generate major energy cost savings.



As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In regards to your windows and doors, it speaks volume. Thanks to Basco network team members, it is now easier than ever to do so. Our professionals are constantly on the lookout to ensure finding suitable replacement pieces. Here are a few benefits of Basco Windows and Doors:

Our inventory

Our customers have access to our inventory holding more than 5,000 parts of all kinds, at all times. Thanks to our network, we have all the assets at our disposal to resolve your windows and doors issues. Whether you are in need of replacing a lock mechanism or maintaining the weatherstripping on a door, our team will do the trick. If we do not have the right part in stock, our inventory management team will suggest the suitable spare part.

Competitive pricing

Our professional network and Partner Franchisees is one of the largest in the country and that is why we are privy to extensive volume discounts. Thanks to our network, our customers can be assured to always have access to competitive pricing at an unbeatable value.

Top-quality service

All of our technicians are trained according to the highest quality standards. Other than having the expertise to undertake any window project, they are agile and orderly. They are as savvy to work on your hinges than weatherstripping or opening mechanisms.

Other maintenance services for windows and doors

Basco Windows and Doors provide more than just parts, weatherstripping and mechanism repairs or replacement for your windows and doors. Our team can equally accomplish their complete restoration. If the glass and window seals are showing signs of wear, call us to gain more information on our renewal VITRA9 service.

Our professionals also have the skills and know-how to ensure annual inspections. These inspections may help you avoid inconveniences such as air infiltration, humidity and premature wear of breakage of parts on your windows and doors. Contact one of our professionals to learn more.

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