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What is the concept of defogging?

It is an innovative process that removes fog in your windows. This technique allows you to increase the life expectancy of your windows by 15 to 20 years and helps reduce energy consumption.

What is a thermal pane windows?

A thermal pane window is a sealed-in glass that is located between the frame and the window. There are different types of glass on the market. In most instances, it will be possible to replace the thermal pane window while leaving the frame in place, providing significant savings.

Can all type of sealed unit be repaired/restored?

We can remove humidity within the majority of thermal pane windows. However, if the problem has been persistent throughout the years, the humidity may have caused irreversible damage. In that case, you will need to replace the thermal pane windows.

Can there be a recurrence of the fogging problem once it is restored?

Our service is a durable solution guaranteed 10 years but it is not instantaneous. Given the fact that we use a variety of liquid products inside the insulated glass unit, a curing period of about three weeks is necessary in order for the unit to be completely dry.

After a fogged window is repaired, can the sealed unit regain all of its thermal properties?

Yes, the sealed unit can regain all of its thermal properties which will allow you to save in energy consumption.

How long does it take to proceed to window defogging?

It really depends on the number of windows you need to restore but usually, it takes less than 15 minutes/window.

Do you change thermal pane windows or do you only proceed to defogging?

Basco offers complete door and window restoration and reparation services. If your windows can be defogged, we will suggest that procedure first because of its great return on investment. But if you absolutely want or need to change your thermal pane windows, our team of experts will take care of it.

Is a sealed unit that has lost its gas still efficient?

The vast majority of sealed units have no gas at all. For the sealed units that do possess gas, unfortunately it only remains for 4-5 years in the sealed unit. Consequently, your sealed unit will be efficient but only if it is defogged.

Can units with argon dipped in glass and with decorative decals inside the thermal pane windows be restored?

Our technicians are qualified to repair any type of sealed units. They will be pleased to evaluate your needs and offer you the best solution to solve your problem.

After how many years should I change my windows?

This really depends on the quality and the condition of your windows. Before thinking of changing them, other less expensive options should be considered. If your window is fogged, you may proceed to defogging. If it cannot be repaired or restored, you can change the sealed unit without touching to the frame. If air, cold and humidity penetrate into your house or your building, you might only need caulking.