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Thermos Pane Replacement in Calgary

Are your windows no longer clear? Do you see fog, moisture or condensation between the panes?

Why spend money to replace your windows when you can simply replace the thermos?


The thermos panes replacement is cost effective. Indeed, the cost of this procedure is a fraction of the price of changing entire windows. In few instances, the costs can be reduced by half or even by 75%.


The thermos panes replacement increases energy efficiency. However, its impact on the environment is less than changing entire windows. This procedure allows us to reduce the amount of glass and debris filling up our landfills. What’s more, the work rendered by our team is guaranteed for a period of 15 years.

Why choose Basco Calgary

As part of the Basco network, our Basco Calgary team benefits from the technological advances of a dedicated R&D group. Choosing to do business with Basco Doors and Windows for the replacement of your thermos windows is choosing the expertise of the largest network of its kind in Quebec. All our technicians offer you a fast service, worthy of the highest standards in the industry.


The Trusted Calgary Thermos Pane Replacement

At Basco Calgary, we offer free moisture repair and window restoration estimates for Calgary and surroundings. If you think you are in need of new windows, give us a call. You will be pleasantly surprised by our professional approach and the savings we can generate.

In the event where window fog repair may not be the optimal solution, our experts will recommend our Calgary window repair services, including:

  • Sealed unit (double or triple pane) replacement or upgrade;
  • Window Caulking;
  • Weatherstripping replacement;
  • Window Hardware replacement.



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Basco Calgary Thermos Pane Replacement Services

Simon Rolland

Basco Calgary is the first franchise to be launched outside the borders of Quebec.

Convinced that Basco offers the best options for window restoration, it is with a deep confidence in the brand's business model that Simon Rolland took the initiative of bringing the network’s expertise to this Canadian city. Having worked as director of operations for several years, Mr. Rolland has always delighted customers by advocating professionalism, rigor, and ethics in the workplace.

For Basco Calgary, this guiding principle is a guarantee of quality in the provision of its services. Besides being grateful for the courteous, fast, and efficient service, many customers who have used Basco's advice and services have acknowledged the company's expertise. Conscientious and passionate about his work, Mr. Rolland anticipates spending many good years with the company.

296 Acadia Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0A7

587-538-1199 / 1-888-814-7223

Simon Roland - Basco Calgary


Contacted Simon about several windows in the home which were fogging up. He quickly set up an appointment and inspected the windows. From there we agreed on mostly replacing panes rather than attempting defogging due to the deteriorated condition of the 29 year old windows. Throughout the entire process Simon was very easy to deal with, well-informed and the day of installation worked very hard and efficiently to get the job done. I am well pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate to recommend Basco Defogging to anyone who is looking for this kind of service. It was both very affordable and professionally completed.

- Nick Smart

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