Have your doors and windows repaired, even in winter!

Cup of hot chocolate in front of windows in winter

Now that winter is in full swing, are you noticing air infiltration from your doors and windows? Did you know that simple repairs can restore the efficiency of your windows? In fact, it is not always necessary to completely replace your windows. There are many advantages to repairing your windows.


If your windows fail in the middle of winter, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will see your heating bills rise drastically... 


Fortunately, it's not the cold Canadian winter that prevents us from fixing your windows! Window repair is a year-round service, even in winter!


I want to have my windows repaired.


Of course, spring and fall are the ideal seasons to do renovation work. However, it can be very advantageous to do your work during less busy periods.


The advantages of having your windows and doors repaired in winter.

First, repairing your windows reduces heat loss to improve energy efficiency. This increases your comfort and saves you money on heating costs. 


Doing renovation work outside of busy periods allows you to obtain professional services in a much shorter time frame. So you could regain the efficiency of your windows in no time!


However, no matter the season, during extreme weather conditions (storms, ice storms, extreme cold, etc.) it's a good idea to allow for slight delays. Bad weather not only affects the safety of the workers, but also the materials they are transporting to complete your project! 


The type of repair is also taken into consideration during such weather conditions to avoid further delays. Our technicians are always ready to resume work as soon as the weather conditions are better!


Worried about cooling the rooms in your home?

During winter repairs, a team of experts knows how to reduce drafts to a minimum. Normally, doors and windows are only opened for less than 15 minutes. This way, your home is not exposed to the cold for too long. Don't worry, the repairs don't affect the climate of your home.


The benefits of having your windows repaired.

The main benefit of window repair is saving money. By repairing your windows, you could save up to 70% on the cost of a replacement! Your windows will look like new!


And since you don't have to wait for your windows to arrive, it's also a time saver. Especially in winter, when business is at its lowest! 


Finally, you recuperate your current windows. By opting for this ecological solution, you significantly reduce your ecological footprint!


According to the latest National Waste Characterization Report for Canada, in 2016, Canadians generated approximately 34 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW). Of this total, over 25% of residential waste is made up of building materials and glass.