Window maintenance to get rid of ladybugs

Patio door screen full full of ladybugs. Windows full of ladybugs.

Why do we have to live with an invasion of ladybugs every fall? We've all experienced it, or at least, we've heard of it. In their natural state, they may seem cute and harmless, but when they are in our house, they become very disturbing!


There are several ways to get rid of them, but the most effective solution is good window maintenance! It is mainly through the windows that they will infiltrate. You will find in this article how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from entering.


But first, to know more about these little beasts, let's find out why they infiltrate the house.


Why are there ladybugs in my house?

The answer to this question can be explained by looking at the Asian ladybug. This is the most common species in homes. The species was imported at the beginning of the 20th century as an agent for the control of tree aphids.


Since they were imported without their natural enemies, from their native environment, their populations are not regulated here. This explains their large population.


But why do ladybugs come into my house?

The answer is simple, to escape the cold! When winter comes, some insects spend the season in the egg stage, waiting for spring. Not for the Asian ladybug! Like many other insects, when the cold weather sets in, it looks for shelter: cracks in rocks, crevices in bark, in the ground, in your house…


This is why when the days get shorter, you see more and more ladybugs in your home.


How to get rid of an invasion of ladybugs?

That's it, they have infiltrated and everywhere you look is a ladybug! There are several ways to get rid of ladybugs that have invaded your home.


❗️ Be careful, don't crush them, they give off a yellowish liquid that could stain your window frames and your paint!


Spray vinegar

White vinegar kills ladybugs on contact. Find the places where they are standing and apply the vinegar. For easy application, use an empty spray bottle and fill it with white vinegar.


Set a trap

You can also trap ladybugs. In a small bowl, add water and dish soap. Place the mixture near the window or a light. Dishwashing liquid reduces the tension in the water, which prevents ladybugs from escaping when they fall into it.


How to prevent ladybugs from entering your house?

You can try to get rid of them, but the most effective way is not to allow them to enter. For that, you have to maintain your windows and improve their efficiency if possible. Here's how to protect your home from insects.


Check the tightness of the door frames

To make sure you have airtight doors and windows, monitor the condition of your weather stripping and caulking.

What is weather stripping?

Definition of weather stripping: Insulation gasket (felt, rubber or other material) used to seal openings and gaps and reduce heat loss. 


As their name suggests, they help insulate your windows by reducing air infiltration. If the weatherstripping cracks or begins to come off, replace it.


To replace your weatherstripping yourself, it is possible to get some at a hardware store. However, the range of choices could mislead you. Also, make sure you have the skills to replace them. If not, contact a professional.


Caulking Inspection

By inspecting your caulking before winter, you will notice the degradation caused by temperature changes. It is possible that when fall arrives, your caulking will no longer be in the same state.

It must be changed as soon as the first signs of detachment or cracking appear. Slight cracks should be touched up and sealed as quickly as possible to prevent any infiltration of invaders. It is a maintenance that must be constant.


If the cracks are generalized on more than half of the caulked areas, you will have to carry out a complete repair of the caulking.


The importance of a quality caulking

Caulking gives meaning to your energy-efficient and thermos windows. It promises you comfort and smart energy consumption, without invaders.


The seals of your windows guarantee impermeability and insulation. Without caulking, your home could not protect you from extreme Canadian temperatures.


In addition to letting insects in, damaged caulking lets cold air and moisture in. Moisture infiltration can lead to major problems. Indeed, the entry of water into your home can lead to the appearance of three types of damage:

• Mushroom

• Mold

• Significant structural damage


Quality caulking is therefore very important. The quality of it lies first in the caulking used, but also in the material and the application technique.


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