How to reduce the cost of your renovations?

Save on renovation cost with Basco

With the current economic instability, we are all looking to save as much as possible. Afactor that makes renovation work even more complex! How to reduce the cost of your renovations, without cutting on quality and speed of execution?


Everyone knows that renovation projects which do not exceed budgets are rare… Often, spending extra money is even unavoidable. However, there are ways to prevent this kind of situation.


We reveal our best tips for saving on your renovations.


1. Plan before starting the renovations

Planning your renovation project is crucial to avoid wasting money and time. It is true that some renovation projects are born of spontaneity, but a plan is still necessary. We all know the endless renovations that go on forever. Avoid this kind of situation and take the time to establish a plan!


Try to define everything.  The work, the schedule, the parts involved, the materials to be used, the dimensions of the materials, etc. You will see that the more organized you are, the easier it is to achieve your goals and the more your expenses are controlled!


Of course, this kind of preparation can seem complex when you don’t know anything about it. Do not hesitate to inform yourself with professionals. Don’t be shy about doing your own research. There are several guides on the web to help you plan your renovations.


2. Compare Prices

An action that may seem simple, but which can really save you money! Make a habit of comparing the prices of EVERYTHING. Whether it is the materials, the tools, the suppliers or even the contractor. The construction industry is a competitive environment!


Watch for sales, flyers and lookout for quieter seasons.


Venture into the world of second-hand! Choose recycled materials and you will see your bill drop drastically! Recycled materials are often just as functional as new, much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, never sacrifice quality, you could pay the consequences in the long term.


Also! In some cases, refurbishment can be much more advantageous than a replacement. Take for example the old damaged windows of your house.


New windows may seem like a very attractive solution. But the costs are much higher!


Don’t be too easily charmed by new windows. The majority of damaged thermal windows can be repaired! In addition to saving the environment, you will save time and money.


In addition to avoiding sending tons of debris to landfills, reconditioning windows can give a second life for a fraction of the price, while increasing the value of your property or building.


In this blog article, we share the testimony of a customer who saved 70% on window replacement thanks to the repair! It’s an alternative that is really worth it!


Opt for window repair rather than complete replacement.


Call on the know-how of Basco Doors and Windows. We proactively resolve issues to extend the life of your windows.


Don’t wait and get your free quote!


3. Stick to the essential

Stick to the basics and try to reduce the scope of the work. Some jobs that are less essential than others can slow you down in achieving your goals. By eliminating these, you save money in the short term. That’s why sometimes it can be good to revisit these goals and cut in some places.


In some cases, a new patio door or new windows may be a higher priority than a mosaic change. It’s for you to see!


4. Do Some Work Yourself

Obviously, doing the work yourself allows you to save a lot on labour! Be sure to take on only the tasks that you master. Getting into construction work without having what you do can end up incurring additional expenses…


However, some work must be done by experts. And of course, if you are not comfortable with this kind of responsibility, it is better to refer to experts!


5. Do Business With Experts

When you do not have the knowledge or when the work is very specific to a field of expertise, calling on experts can save you money. Avoid paying to repair the damage. With a qualified and professional contractor, you are guaranteed to have a job well done and peace of mind!


In addition, if you follow our advice #2, you will have previously compared the prices for different contractors! You will therefore be assured of paying a reasonable price.

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Doing Business with Basco Doors & Windows


Whether it’s for condominium work or special work, Basco is the reference for your doors and windows.


Among all kinds of residential maintenance, that of your doors and windows is sometimes neglected by owners. However, they are the ones that protect you from the cold, sound and humidity that rages outside.


By the way, did you know that the recommended frequency for checking the proper functioning of your doors and windows is annually?


Fortunately, when the time comes to repair, maintain or replace them, you can count on the expertise of Basco Doors and Windows.


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