Spring cleaning: don't forget your windows!

Happy couple standing by a new window

Across Quebec, snow has melted and we couldn't be happier! Many are taking advantage of the new season to do their big spring cleaning.


It is always good to think about doing a small general inspection of the state of our home. However, we sometimes let ourselves be won over by the disenchantment of the damage caused by the snow and the cold.


Don't worry, with a good cleaning your house will regain its splendor.


We list for you what to inspect and how to refurbish everything!


General inspection of your home

Do not forget to add to your cleaning, a general inspection of your home.

Take a tour of your property and check the condition of the exterior elements:



Check if there are any missing or damaged shingles;



Take the opportunity to remove the debris;



Should a new coat be applied this year?


Enjoy the breeze

Now that the nice weather is back, don't hesitate to open your windows! Ventilate your interior by letting fresh air circulate. Don't be afraid to create a big current of air!


Take this opportunity to clean out anything that could be detrimental to the freshness of your indoor air.



In addition to dusting every nook and cranny, air out your carpets and mattresses, even the box springs if you can!



Check your ventilation systems and the condition of your filters. You will really need it this summer!


Remember that spring cleaning can take several days. Don't make a mountain out of it. Instead, think about the resulting comfort and the many summer days where you won't have to worry about all that!


Clean your windows!

To be able to enjoy the fresh air, you have to be able to open and close your windows without having to fight with them. There's nothing more annoying than a patio door that doesn't roll, is there?


That's why it's the perfect time to finally clean your windows!


Clean the windows

Start by getting rid of the dust accumulated during the winter with a dry cloth. You can then soak a cloth in soapy water to clean the windows.


Install mosquito nets

Once your windows are clean, you can reinstall the mosquito nets that were removed before winter.


If your mosquito nets have survived the winter, uninstall them and give them a good vacuum to remove the dust. Once this step is complete, mix a mild soap with water and soak your cloth in it to clean the screens.


Lubricate hardware

Use a silicone-based lubricant for latches, hinges and any other moving accessories.


Check the caulking

When cleaning your windows, pay special attention to the sealants on your windows. By inspecting your caulking after winter you will notice the degradation caused by temperature changes. It is possible that when spring arrives, your caulking will no longer be in the same state. Hence the importance of checking everything during the thaw period.


To avoid the nightmare of an infestation, check the condition of your caulking. Cracked caulking makes it easier for invaders to enter. Spring is also allergy season. Protecting against it is one of the functions of caulking.


If your caulking needs to be changed, opt for the caulking service offered by Basco Windows and Doors.


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