Condominium renovations

Happy couple standing by a new window

Renovations in condominiums require several prior checks. Renovating your private portion is completely legitimate, but some work must be approved by the board of directors. As the owner is not alone, validation is required with his union.


It is common for one of the owners to decide to undertake work, which is why it is important, in any case, to know the procedures to follow.


Your right

According to section 1063 of the Civil Code of Quebec,


"Each co-owner has his fraction; he freely uses and enjoys his private part and the common parts, on the condition of respecting the regulations of the building and not infringing the rights of the other co-owners or the destination of the building. »


It is therefore understood that each co-owner has the right to freely enjoy their private portion.


This right is limited insofar as it respects the rights of the other co-owners. So you have the freedom to repaint your walls or install a new light fixture. On the other hand, installing a new floor or changing windows, for example, will have an impact on the peace of mind of your neighbors.


So, before starting work in your condominium unit, you must make sure that this work does not:


  • Invade the rights of other co-owners
  • Violate building regulations
  • Undermine the building purpose



Before starting the work

As mentioned earlier, before starting work, before taking out the toolbox, you have to ask yourself about the scope of the work:


Will the work only affect the common part of the building?


Consult the declaration of co-ownership to find out how the renovation work must be managed.


Then try to find an accredited contractor who can specify the duration of the work. Then present plans and specifications to the board of directors for approval.


As the board of directors has a mandate to represent the residents, it is imperative to present the renovation projects to them. They require a clear and complete description of the project and then have everything validated by another expert.


Choose the right contractor

The union ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the standards in force, so they will often require that the work be done by certified workers.


If, for example, your renovation projects include repairing or changing windows, it is more prudent to consult the council before taking any action. As these are changes that can affect the peace of mind of your neighbours, it is best to notify them and have the project approved.


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In case of dispute

If a renovation project is launched without council approval, the syndicate can apply for an injunction to stop the work. In this case, they can impose to bring the unit back to its initial state in addition to fines which can be very high…


Hence the importance of having the project approved in case of doubt. It is better to be prepared in this kind of situation.