The ABCs of doors and window maintenance before winter

If, like the grasshopper, we played all summer long, when fall arrives, we have to get to work and prepare our homes for the cold season. In order to prevent unpleasant surprises and unexpected repairs, it is recommended to maintain and inspect namely the gutters, the roof, the air exchange system and the chimney, among others. Let us also mention, the often forgotten doors and windows.


Did you know that windows and doors can be responsible for up to 25% of heat loss in your house? This results in an increase of your electricity bill caused by the fact that your heating system will be working harder to compensate. Improperly sealed windows will not only let cold air in, but will also become vulnerable to water infiltrations.

How to make sure your windows are fully sealed:

  • Check for any sign of damage (rot, mold, stains, etc.)
  • Check the caulking joints (cracks, crevices, disbonding, flaking, etc.)
  • Notice if there are traces of condensation on the windows or if the windows are foggy
  • Inspecting your doors and windows’ components twice a year will allow you to detect and repair any anomalies, extending their durability thus thwarting the major cost of a complete window replacement project.



It is recommended to reapply caulking to your doors and windows 1-2 times a year, normally in fall and in spring. The seal is applied during the windows’ initial installation but can be damaged or deteriorate with normal wear and tear or environmental causes. A cracked, dried out or disbanded seal must be replaced. It is highly recommended to have the work done by a professional to ensure an optimal installation.

Should you choose the DIY way, you will find many silicone based sealers at the hardware store. Be careful: select an outdoor product if you are applying outdoors and an indoor product if you are applying indoors. Yes! There is a difference! Ask a store associate for instructions on how to properly apply the product, otherwise, you may be risking air or water infiltrations.


The weather-stripping around the window frame reduces risks of air leaks and allows for better insulation. Be sure and purchase the right product for your window’s make and model. Be aware! There are many brands on the market, you should make an informed choice. When in doubt, check with your window’s manufacturer. Know that badly installed weather-stripping could affect its performance. If you need a hand, call upon the professionals at Basco. They will help you out! Therefore, it is important to periodically check the weather-stripping and evaluate its deterioration. 

Regular maintenance will allow:

  • Savings on energy and heating costs
  • Lower noise levels coming from outside
  • Improve your comfort inside your home
  • Reduce the risk of frost in your windows


Adequate maintenance of your doors and windows’ mechanisms offers ensures better performance and airtightness. It is possible that over time and with normal wear and tear, the mechanisms can become more difficult to handle. It is recommended to the level of deterioration and proper functioning of the window mechanisms at least once a year.

How to maintain your doors and windows’ hardware in top condition:

  • Never force the mechanism, this will cause the gears to break
  • Use the window lock to close the window airtight
  • If you notice light friction upon opening or closing, apply a silicone based lubricant
  • It is recommended to apply the silicone based lubricant at every change of season


Thousands of windows and doors are sent to the landfills every year. Regular maintenance and prolonging their lifespan is not only an environmentally-conscious but also a cost-effective solution. Do not hesitate to call upon the services of professionals to help you with regular maintenance in order to keep your doors and windows in excellent condition.