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Become a Basco Windows and Doors Partner-Franchisee

At the forefront, Basco Windows and Doors is continuously seeking out new partners ready to join its team. Foremost, to become a Partner-Franchisee means joining the largest network of a kind in Canada. For us, maintaining windows and doors is more than a trade, it is a passion.

As a business or condominium association, the maintenance and repair of your doors and windows should be a must. Not only does it give you greater peace of mind, it also offers you many benefits. And by doing business with Basco, you can be sure of enjoying all these advantages.



The Basco network is above all, a cohesive team that works efficiently. Each of its members can rely on each other to fulfill daily tasks. At Basco, we believe that we can achieve higher grounds as a whole.



Since its establishment, one thing has always been clear to Basco : provide the best available solutions. That is why we pride ourselves in developing and applying the latest industry technologies in our practice.



At Basco, we hold the environment in high regards and believe suttle changes can make a big difference. Herein, we support our Partner-Franchisees to offer eco-friendly and cost effective solutions to their clientele such as our Renew Programme. That is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Basco : a great team to be part of

Since our establishment, over 15 years ago, we have made every effort to advance our team's expertise. By joining forces, you will also profit from unparalleled accompaniment.


Jean-Sébastien Basilico

Founder / President


Jenny Desjardins

VP Business Development and Strategy Consulting

Création sans titre

Charles-Vincent Trépanier

Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Responsible for the protection of personal information

ANTHONY MALORNI - Basco Montreal

Anthony Malorni

Director of Operations

Basco network benefits

Basco Windows and Doors offers all of its Partner-Franchisees a brand name that is ready-to-use. Hence, you can set yourself apart from the competition all the while increasing brand recognition. From the vehicle lettering to communication material, Basco takes care of every detail.

Maintaining windows and doors is our specialty. However, marketing remains one of the most important segments of our business. To provide you with the proper support, Basco Windows and Doors offers you a comprehensive Marketing plan to best suit your territory.

Innovation is at the heart of Basco Windows and Doors network practices. Therefore, we ensure that all of our Partner-Franchisees are able to replicate our techniques and utilize our novel equipment.

As part of the largest network in the windows and doors restoration industry in Canada, it means profiting from a greater buying power. Herein, you can ensure you are providing your customers with the best parts and materials at a low cost.

Thanks to the Basco Windows and Doors substantial network, we enjoy a solid reputation in our field of expertise. For our Partner-Franchisees, this allows them to benefit from greater visibility from the start as our satisfied customers immediately recognize Basco's expertise.

commercial building windows montreal

About Basco Windows and Doors

  • 2005

    Basco establishment

    In 2005, the precursor of Basco was born, Basco Defogging. Already, we could see all its potential that later granted its reputation.

  • 2010

    Birth of our network

    Thanks to the opening of a franchise in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Basco takes its first step towards building its network.

  • 2015

    New image

    In 2015, our team went through rebranding and a restructuration profiting to all Partner-Franchisees.

  • Today


    At Basco, we are convinced that our network will continue to grow throughout Canada.

Contact details


288 Bd du Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC H7P 0B2 1-888-668-0880


Just as we do, your driven by your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the renovation industry? Making a difference in your customers lives and working with cutting edge technologies in the industry ? You are ready to take the leap ? Contact us today to discuss with our team or to join the Basco Windows and Doors family.

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