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Are you planning to replace your doors and windows? Why spend money replacing them when you can have them repaired?

Window repair vs. window replacement

The Basco Calgary window repair team has the expertise to assess problems with your windows, and provide alternative solutions to complete window replacement.

Did you know that any kind of window can be re-glazed, meaning that the glass sealed unit can be replaced? Whether the broken window has double pane or triple pane sealed units, has a frame made of wood, metal or vinyl, we can replace it. We will even match any kind of grilles that you may have so that the new window unit perfectly matches the ones next to it.

There are several specific cases where we can perform a double pane window repair and save you the greater cost of a full window replacement:

  • If the glass of your double pane window is cracked, we can replace the thermopane (AKA sealed unit, or the glass portion of the window)
  • If the sealed unit has failed and become foggy, or if there are deposits in between the window panes, we can perform window defogging at a fraction of the cost of replacement, or replace the thermopane unit if necessary
  • If you simply want to upgrade your window to a more efficient Low E argon, we can save you money by replacing the thermopane unit instead of the whole window.

Window mechanism repair & leak repair

Basco Calgary has created partnerships with local suppliers not only for glass replacement, but also for window hardware repair, weather-stripping repair and window caulking. This allows us to quickly fix a defective window operator, replace hung window sash balances, or repair any kind of broken window mechanism.

If you have a leaking window, it does not necessarily need to be replaced. It is a good practice to assess the exterior caulking for signs of shrinkage, cracks and gaps and proactively address any issues to extend the lifespan of your windows. This will minimise air and water leaks, and prevent further structural damage to your windows. Our team has the expertise and is equipped to professionally replace the caulking around your windows.


Your Calgary window repair company

We are located in the community of McKenzie Towne, and ­offer free estimates for Calgary and surroundings. If you have problems with your windows, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you save money by repairing them. You will be pleasantly surprised by our professional approach and the savings we can generate as your window repair company.

Our Home Window Repair Services:

  • Broken Window Repair
  • Dual Pane Window Repair
  • Window Glass Repair
  • Leaky Window Repair
  • Sealed/Thermopane Window Repair
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Window Defogging and Repair

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