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Jean-Sébastien Basilico; a leader with vision and commitment

Jean-Sébastien Basilico, Basco’s president and founder, was thinking big from a young age. At 17, he was already the owner of a company in the housekeeping sector, Basco Nettoyage. Acting as a subcontractor for well-established companies such as Sears and Home Depot, Jean-Sébastien was already proving his great capacity as a leader.

Being a business administration student in Montreal’s Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, he was managing a team of over 15 employees and was recognized for his integrity and entrepreneurial abilities.


This born entrepreneur had a flair for detecting good opportunities. It was actually through his window cleaning company that the latter discovered the clear need for someone to offer thermal window restoration services.

Having noticed that people’s first instinct was to replace their windows as soon as they showed signs of age, he concentrated his efforts in the research of techniques which would allow the reconditioning of thermal windows.

Knowing that thousands of windows made their way to landfills each year, he wished to offer an alternative solution which would be economical and ecological. Having noticed several flaws in the solution presently offered in the Canadian market, a technique developed in Toronto, he decided to instead create his own formula and his own methods.

His determination to offer an innovative and unique solution to the market led him to the creation of the company Klear and Klean, which later became Basco Désembuage. Recently placed under the name Basco World, after the expansion of the network, Basco reasserts its place and expertise in the doors and windows sector.

The Basco signature has existed since 2005 and now has 18 franchisees in Quebec and one in Alberta. Since then, Jean-Sébastien has put together a solid team, a reflection of his ambitions and spirit of cooperation.


For Jean-Sébastien, building from scratch is a source of unconditional motivation. The latter is able to bring people together around an inspiring vision so as to encourage their engagement with it. He was recently interviewed for an article published in La Presse on January 13th, the subject being the success of the Quebec franchisees.

Known to be an excellent communicator, those who have met him agree that his motivating ability is indisputable, as he can provide leadership in times of change with perfect reliability.

Passionate and entrepreneurial, his journey has led him to become co-founder in 3 companies: Immo-Tep which specializes in real-estate management, Landro-Matic in the laundry sector and Imagin 11 in the event organization sector.

Following the principle of not working for the world, but instead with the world, Jean-Sébastien has always wanted to build projects which would profit all. Considering that there are people behind each idea and project, this man thrives on everyone’s success!

“If one succeeds, everyone succeeds!”

- Jean-Sébastien Basilico.