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Basco Defogging becomes Basco World

Over the past decade, Basco Désembuage has made its name in the field of restoration and repair of doors and windows. As a franchisor, the company has already brought its expertise to several cities in Quebec and to the province of Alberta, where it now has a franchisee. Due to the brand's success, Basco founder Jean-Sébastien Basilico has decided to continue expanding the network by taking its expertise beyond Canada's borders.

To assume an image that is more fitting to its international expansion, Basco Désembuage will now be rebranded as Basco World. This business move, which was supported by the company's members, will by itself allow Basco to give off a more adequate image. Indeed, the name Basco Désembuage will now be limited to a single service, as the brand offers other related services, such as caulking, repair, replacement, and maintenance of doors and windows.

The name Basco World takes on full meaning in the context of selling "master franchises" and taking the Basco concept outside the country. This major project will result in the expansion of the network to a given area, which can be a province, a country, a group of countries, or a large region. Franchisees will be able to seize on their knowledge of the particularities of their chosen country or area to adapt the concept to the local market, all while being accompanied by the franchisor to ensure a good start for the company.

Proud to continue its expansion and to assert its expertise, Basco World is definitely an inspiring and innovative company that is ready to face any challenge.  



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